Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My New, Up-Coming Book Is halfway Finished

My new book, "Tech Tactics Publishing and Production Secrets" is now over halfway finished. This one has been in the works for several months. This book will be available in both paperback and e-book editions.

This book will cover authoring and publishing books, creating and producing Internet videos, music, DVD's, and CD's. The best part of this book is the fact that it will show what is needed to do all of these things at nearly zero cost. Most books that teach how to do these things will discuss using expensive computer software to get the job done.

In today's economy, many would-be producers and publishers do not have the money to spend on expensive software Like Photoshop, Vegas Pro, Final Cut, Garage Band, Microsoft Office, etc. This book provides options for people on all budgets in order to help them get their creation out there to be enjoyed (or put down and slammed) by readers, listeners and audiences around the world.

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