Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Traffic tickets

G.P.S. navigation units can also help protect people against legalized robbery such as speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, and other devices used by law enforcement to separate drivers from their money. There are companies that collect information from users regarding locations used as speed traps. This information is submitted to the company's website, and is vetted by other users. The companies compile such information into what are called points of interests files. These files can be
downloaded to navigation units. Units that have such downloaded data can warn drivers when they are approaching such areas. One company called, Phantom Alert sells such data. While this data can be viewed on-line in a map for free by visiting, it costs money to be able to download the data to a G.P.S. or smart phone. The price varies from a few dollars to one hundred dollars for a lifetime membership. Another website that allows speed trap and automated ticketing device locations to be downloaded is At the time of this writing, the Trapster download database is currently off-line. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. If even one traffic ticket is avoided by using one of these, my book, "Tech Tactics - Money Saving Secrets," will pay for itself.

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