Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Finally Started Writing my Book

I have been for years working as a computer and technology consultant.  During this time, I have helped friends, family, and clients with their computer and information technology needs.  It was about three years ago that a member of my congregation started suggesting that I write a book about computers and technology.  As time progressed, this suggestion has taken more of the form of goading.  I actually started writing my book a couple of months ago, but inspiration has really hit me in the past few weeks.  The more and more I write on my favorite topic, the more I think about what else to add.  This project has now taken on a life of its own.  Some of the topics my book covers is how to tune up a computer without spending a single dime, how to use a cellphone or GPS to avoid getting caught in speed traps, how to prevent one's own electronic from being used to spy upon oneself, how to find free programs to do the same job as commercial programs and do the job without infecting a computer with adware, spyware, and other baddies, and much more.

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